Dare Lihao

Foshan Nanhai Lihao Packaging Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of food packaging. It has been an excellent supplier for global confectionery brands since 1995. The company strength and R&D investment have been upgraded after the acquisition by DareGlobal Advanced Material Group. Cooperated with some famous universities and some partners, our vision is to be the pioneer of sustainable packaging solution provider.

We mainly produce paper-aluminum foil laminated packaging material, vacuum aluminum-plated paper and sustainable high barrier paper-based packaging material. Also we can provide customized products, such as stand up paper pouch, paper cup and other paper bags. Furthermore, we have got ISO 9000, FSC, FSSC 22000 and QS certificates, etc...

With certified production management system, our new facilities and advanced machinery can offer you better solution in printing and packaging. We will continue to develop eco-friendly materials to embrace a sustainable earth.

Dare Science & Technology Group Co., Ltd

Address: (212310) Dare Industrial Park, No. 99, Qiliang Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Danyang City, Jiangsu Province




Address: (200120) Floor 23, China Merchants Mansion, No. 161, Lujiazui East Road, Shanghai



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