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Dare - The First City covers an area of 350 mu, has a total construction area of about 700 thousand square meters. The project is located at the junction of Jinling West Road and Fenghuang Road where a mature community life, developed public, traffic facilities, the surrounding facilities are available Project planning includes multiple property forms, such as French court villa, new classical high-rise, personalized business street, and great supporting with friendly children's community, intelligent community, green ecological community, international high-end service community, including Luojia Children's Theme Park, intelligent community, palm app "Ding Dong life", Royal maid service, multi-theme landscape gardens and others, which are the attracting spots of the project. Dare - The First City jointly creates the representative work of Danyang high-end luxury housing by collaboration with some noted firms, such as Tongji University Architectural Design Research Institute, L&A Design, Colliers International, Aidi Renhe, Run Chuang Institution, Nantong Sijian Construction and others. It is an one-stop system integrating prime locations, premium housings and better services alltogether, and actualize the concept of Danyang version "three good models of international community", and provides high-end residential experience for each of elites with good taste and pursuit, which is synchronizing with Europe and America.

Dare Science & Technology Group Co., Ltd

Address: (212310) Dare Industrial Park, No. 99, Qiliang Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Danyang City, Jiangsu Province




Address: (200120) Floor 23, China Merchants Mansion, No. 161, Lujiazui East Road, Shanghai



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